Pizza Expo Booth


Grow the BONICI brand awareness among pizza restaurant owners who have an affection for all things authentic. Incorporate the overall Tyson Food Service brand message that the company is more than just chicken. Pizza Expo is one of the largest trade shows for pizza in the country. Pizza operators from all over the country descend on Las Vegas to see the latest and greatest from manufacturers.


The booth design incorporated pizza products cooked and served at the booth, the heritage story of the BONICI brand, the BONICI products and the idea that since food is fun, we should have some fun. Pizza Expo 2014_Booth


Food is fun. Everyone loved to play with their food as children. Why can’t we play with food as adults? Since we were in Vegas, we thought we’d bring the spirit of chance. Each point earned in the games got the players a scratch off ticket (BONICI Bucks) which revealed prizes ranging from BONICI t-shirts to the two grand prizes of a new pizza oven or the shuffleboard used in the booth. Here are the games in the images below:

  • BONICI Pizza Putt: A chance for players to putt a meatball (painted golf ball) across a 6-foot long piece of sausage pizza
  • Top Topper: A classic game of velcro darts where the player tries to land the velcro sausage onto the pepperoni for extra points
  • Special Delivery Shuffleboard: The favorite bar game of shuffleboard where the player builds a pizza with either a pepperoni or sausage puck
  • BONICI Bucks Blast Box: Step in to the wind tunnel and catch as many BONICI Bucks or cash as your hands can holdPizza Expo 2014_Games

Pizza Expo Blast R5_FA

  • Booth Concept
  • Game Development
  • Making Heritage Interesting
  • Copy
  • Booth Set Up
  • Pre- and Post-Show communications
  • Social Media Coverage



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