I genuinely love advertising. I’m a bit of a nerd about it. I love the idea that everything is advertising because it opens up the possibilities beyond a brief. A solid creative concept has legs and can turn into lots of things. I’ve spent most of my career in creative, working with traditional and new media and everything between the two.

I know good ideas don’t always come easy. Sometimes ideas have to be wrestled to the ground and other times they have to be taken out for dinner. I love a good brainstorm session, as well as a good research deck. Consumer behavior was my favorite “non-creative” subject in both my bachelor’s and master’s degree programs. I’m not a diva–drama works best in theater or when created for clients. I love telling stories (personally and professionally). My eye for art is better than my technical ability to produce it, but I love both commercial art and fine art. I have an innate need to create things. I don’t generally like talking about myself this much.

[choose these skills to ask me about: copywriting, concepting, strategy-ing, planning, executing, researching, designing, brainstorming, coffee drinking, storytelling, etc-ing]

You can contact me at 479.366.7825 or b.c.powell@me.com.


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